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    Adoption and Shared Parenting Leave Policy

    Last updated 01.07.17

    Bullying and Harassment Joint Policy Statement

    Last updated 15.02.18

    Communications Policy

    Last updated 04.02.16

    Conflicts of Interest Policy

    Last updated 03.11.15

    Discipline and Appeals Procedure

    Last updated 15.02.18

    Dispute Resolution Policy

    Last updated 27.11.17

    Document Retention Policy

    Last updated 04.02.16

    Drugs & Alcohol Policy

    Last updated 01.03.18

    Equal Opportunities Policy

    Last updated 03.11.15

    Expenses Policy

    Last updated 04.02.16

    Fraud Policy

    Last updated 03.11.15

    Grievance Procedure

    Last updated 15.02.18

    Health & Safety Policy

    Last updated 03.11.15

    NJC Constitution

    Last updated 15.03.18

    NJC Purpose

    Last updated 31.01.18

    Overtime Policy

    Last updated 06.12.18

    Safeguarding Children, Young People and Adults Policy

    Last updated 20.04.21

    Social Media Policy

    Last updated 04.02.16

    Whistle Blowing Policy

    Last updated 03.11.15

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    Legal services for NARS Members

    Morrish Solicitors

    The National Association of Racing Staff is one of the inaugural signatories to the industry diversity & inclusion (D&I) commitment and launching its diversity & inclusion (D&I) strategy. The staff that work in racing come from a diverse background and we are proud to represent them, the diversity and inclusivity strategy will demonstrate our commitment to all our members.

    The National Association of Racing Staffs D&I strategy is overseen by the NARS executive, Chief Executive, President and Vice President.