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    Joining the Executive Council

    The Executive Council is required to meet at least four times per year, and is made up from members of the racing staff.

    We can have three staff from each region, made up from the North, South, East and West. We also have women’s seat and a seat for ethnic minorities.

    It is the Executives job to determine the direction that the Chief Executive takes and how NASS is governed and the policies it pursues.

    As a member of the Executive committee you get paid £75 for your attendance and your food, beverages and travel costs are met in full. The Executive is elected every two years, if more than three stand in any one region then there is an election in that region.

    Joining one of our Regional Committees

    We have regional committees around the Country. We currently have a committee in Epsom, Newmarket, Malton and the Midlands.

    To form a committee all that is required is for a few racing staff to get together once a month and elect a chairperson. The Chair will call a meeting and notes will be taken. Generally, the notes are observations on how the staff are paid (or not as the case may be!), the conditions they find when they go racing and anything that effects their working lives. The minutes are then sent to us at Head office and we report back on what we have being doing to address the issues highlighted and offer advise where its requested. It is no different to what happens when a group of staff get together in a pub.

    There is however one huge difference when the conversations are reported back to NARS. Firstly, you get paid £50 for attending a regional committee meeting. Secondly, NARS will pay for any location as well as the food and beverages consumed (within reason). Thirdly, we will make a difference and if we don’t then we are held accountable. It is in effect like going to your local pub, ordering food and drink with your friends and getting the meal paid for as well as your time at a rate of £50.

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    Legal services for NARS Members

    Morrish Solicitors

    The National Association of Racing Staff is one of the inaugural signatories to the industry diversity & inclusion (D&I) commitment and launching its diversity & inclusion (D&I) strategy. The staff that work in racing come from a diverse background and we are proud to represent them, the diversity and inclusivity strategy will demonstrate our commitment to all our members.

    The National Association of Racing Staffs D&I strategy is overseen by the NARS executive, Chief Executive, President and Vice President.