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    3 Jul 2020 - News

    NARS Executive Committee Elections

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    Get involved, come and join us!

    The Executive Committee is the decision-making body within the National Association of Racing Staff.

    The Executive Committee is elected every two years by the members. The membership is made up of every person working for a licenced racehorse trainer, but not the trainers themselves. This currently numbers at about 6,500.

    Nominations are open from today the 03/07/20 and will close on the 14/08/20.

    There are 15 seats available and a further seat is reserved for women and one more for the BAME community, a total of 17 seats.

    If more than 17 nominations are received to the email address below there will be an election with all members entitled to vote for their candidate(s).

    Each candidate will then submit a brief (no more than 250 words) summary about themselves and why they wish to stand for a seat on the Executive committee. This is to help the membership make their decision when choosing a candidate.

    If you are interested in standing for election, please send an email to with your full name, employer (confirming you work in a licenced racing yard) own address and contact details. We are using an independent scrutineer called Paul Scholey from Morrish Solicitors for transparency and in accordance with best practice and regulations.

    If elected you will be required to attend a minimum of four meetings a year.

    If you have ever thought you would like to play an active role in the running of NARS this is your opportunity.

    We look forward to working for you, with you, and on your behalf.

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    Legal services for NARS Members

    Morrish Solicitors

    The National Association of Racing Staff is one of the inaugural signatories to the industry diversity & inclusion (D&I) commitment and launching its diversity & inclusion (D&I) strategy. The staff that work in racing come from a diverse background and we are proud to represent them, the diversity and inclusivity strategy will demonstrate our commitment to all our members.

    The National Association of Racing Staffs D&I strategy is overseen by the NARS executive, Chief Executive, President and Vice President.