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    19 Mar 2020 - News

    Covid-19 update – training grounds

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    Some racing staff have asked if the training grounds may close.

    Currently all the Jockey Club training grounds remain open as usual. This includes Newmarket, Lambourn and Epsom. They do ask that exercise is kept to a minimum.

    Some staff have also (rightly) asked if we should continue to exercise horses as there may be a necessity to call an ambulance and this was one of the reasons that forced the BHA to stop racing. Currently the Newmarket Heath medics are looking at ways of transporting staff to hospital in the event that an ambulance would take too long or couldn’t attend.

    As long as the training grounds are open and people have access to gallops or are able to exercise horses, we can keep riding out, the alternative is horses staying in for a prolonged period which would lead to an equine welfare issue and hundreds, if not thousands of job losses.

    At this current time NARS, the PJA and the NTF are working on a joint submission to the government for financial support. We are also in dialog with the Levy Board and the racing charities, Racing Welfare and the Racing Foundation.

    Racing Welfare have a hardship grant for those in immediate need and this can be accessed by looking up or calling your local office which is also on their website.

    The entire industry is working together to do everything possible to help protect people, jobs and British Horseracing.

    If you need further advice or need to discuss anything, please call the office on 01638 663411 or email or

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