Meet the team

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George McGrath

George McGrath

Chief Executive

In his 25 years in racing, George has held a number of jobs such as Headman, Assistant Trainer and Travelling Headman. George has been in post since August 2012 to represent racing staff at all times and to uphold their rights as well as campaign for better terms and conditions in the workplace.

Debbie Grey

Debbie Grey

Office Manager

Debbie has worked in various industry sectors throughout her career — primarily centred around HR, recruitment and management. Debbie loves the racing industry and has a proactive approach to problem solving, finding resolutions and mediating between various parties.

Kevin Parsons

Kevin Parsons

Union Learn Project Manager & Sports Coordinator

Kevin has been involved in racing for 17 years as an Apprentice, Conditional jockey, Work Rider, Head Lad, Assistant Trainer and Travelling Head Lad. In his role, Kevin provides racing staff with free training courses to help improve their qualifications and transferable skills.

Dominique Tortice

Dominique Tortice

Union Learn Project Assistant

Dominique has worked within the racing industry for 15 years, in that time she has had various roles. She is passionate about horseracing and continues to ride out on a regular basis. In her current role Dominique assists with providing free training courses to help racing staff improve their qualifications and training.

Regional coordinators

Our Regional Coordinators inspect racecourses and report back any recommendations or problems. They liaise with the clerks of the course to improve conditions for racing staff.

In addition to our 2 Regional Coordinators, we have 10 Racecourse Inspectors who all work in racing as travelling staff to evaluate the racecourses from a staff and equine perspective.

Racecourse inspectors
  • Cairi Dyson
  • Cathy Beaumont
  • Greg Davis
  • Hannah Gregory
  • Mark Ellwood
  • Nicky Rigby
  • Pete Mc Culloch

David Holland

North & Scotland Regional Coordinator

David doesn’t have a background in racing — just a lifelong love of the sport. He spent 23 years as a Regional Organiser of the Trade Union Unison before taking early retirement. Working as a Regional Coordinator for NARS provides an ideal combination of his leisure interest and his skills and experience.

Tim Lyle

South & East Regional Coordinator

For 25 years, Tim was an official of the Transport and General Workers Union and at the time of retiring was the National Secretary responsible for the union’s civil aviation section. Tim provides help and assistance to NARS; representing stable staff in dealing with disputes, disciplinary and grievances as well as being the coordinator for meetings of the Epsom Regional Committee. He's also a trustee of the Northern Racing College, a post he have occupied for 20 years. .

Executive council

The Executive Council is the governing and managing body of NARS. George, the Chief Executive, reports to and takes direction from the council.

If you would like to have your say about how NARS is run, you can put your name forward to be elected. Elections take place every 2 years; only full members of NARS can be elected and membership of the Executive Council will be for a 2 year period.

There are 4 regions and 3 allocated seats for each region. There is also a seat reserved for women and one for ethnic minorities.

The Executive Council must meet at least 4 times per year.

Kat Reynolds – President

Louisa Allen

Joanne Cody-Boutcher

Richard Farmer

Claudia Fisher

Daniel Higginson

Jemma Marshall

Pete McCulloch

Georgia Morrill

Barry Pearson

Laura Pike

Jana Trnakova

National trustees

To safeguard the interests of NARS, its assets are invested in the joint names of the Trustees. It is down to the Executive Council as to how these assets are dealt with.

Laurie Bell

Dawn Goodfellow

Lord Roy Kennedy

Baroness Ann Mailalieu

Stephen Padgett

Dave Eva