The minimum you can be paid as an 18 to 20 year old is £258.10, aged 21 and over it is £323.96.

Most staff will be scale 4 (rider/groom/yard person) where the minimum is £348.44.

Assistants such as barn leaders and 2nd/3rd travelling staff earn £359.56 and senior management £390.27.

The yards’ staff, usually senior management, are responsible for organising and distributing the pool money.

The trainer must have no involvement except to ensure it doesn’t discriminate. For further guidance visit the Pool money section where you can download our pool money template.

Contact NASS as soon as you can on 01638 663411 or email admin@naors.co.uk.

Yes, if your accident was at work, on the way to or from work, your wages will be covered for up to two years by RIABS. For further guidance visit the Injuries at work section.

You are entitled to one weeks “notice pay” for each year you have worked up to a maximum of 12 years. For further details about notice pay visit the xxxxx section (link).

An employer can ask you to leave at any time up until you have served 2 years in the job for no apparent reason, unless you have protected characteristics. Once you have served two years you have considerably more employment rights according to UK employment law.

Read more about protected characteristic.

£10.00 up to 6 hours away, £10.00 between 6-8 hours away, £13.50 for over 8 hours away — The hours away must be outside your normal working hours.

  • £15.00 Overnight allowance
  • £30.00 Sunday racing payment
  • £30.00 For every day you are racing abroad

Currently £6.70 per hour, this went up to £7.60 for over 25s from April 1st 2016.

Overtime is time plus one half and double time on a Sunday.

Anything over 40 hours on your weekend off is classed as overtime and anything over 45 hours on your weekend on is classed as overtime.

To calculate your hourly rate take 2 weeks wages and divide by 85 that is your hourly rate.

You should give one weeks’ notice for every year worked but refer to your contract if you have one. Senior staff are often required to give more notice, again refer to your contract.

For the first year of your employment you are entitled to 30 days.

After your first year you are entitled to 32 days.

Once you have spent 5 years with the same employer you are entitled to 34 days.

Yes. Bank holidays are inclusive in your annual leave.

Most yards will have a rota that splits the yard in two, with one half working Christmas and one half working the New Year. Be aware that if you have used all of your holiday you wouldn’t be entitled to any more time off, if you still have holiday left they may use that against any time you have off over the festive period.

Search the bespoke industry website to see what opportunities are currently available www.careersinracing.com.

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